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Caring - Official Teaser

Created by Erin Wagoner. 

Directed by Maggie Kiley.

Starring Lynn Chen, Diana DeLaCruz, Hannah Dunne, and Mickey Sumner.

*Official Selection Los Angeles Film Festival 2016*

Caring Episode 1: Just the Babysitter

Broke and living in her car, Kate’s run out of options. With a Masters in Social Work she’s not using and an insane amount of suffocating debt, Kate decides she has to do the one thing she swore she would never do again: Babysit.

Caring Episode 2: Girls Night

Craving fun and distraction, Amy convinces Vicky to have a “girls night” with her. After several rounds of drinks, Amy becomes increasingly jealous of a young hipster at the bar and goes into a self-pitying spiral.

Caring Episode 3: What She Wants

Tired of being pushed around as a nanny and generally bored with her own life, Carla decides to enroll in a community college class. When the class interferes with her nannying schedule, Carla finally confronts Vicky.

Caring Episode 4: Who's Your Mama

Vicky's long work days mean that her boys are already asleep by the time she gets home each evening. After sneaking home early to spend some quality time with them, the potentially fun night turns sour after one of the boys calls Carla “Mama.”

Caring Episode 5: Bad Nanny

Carla and Kate are confronted by a nosey mom at the park, who posts a picture of Kate texting while watching the kids to "," a site all about bad nanny behavior.